2007 06 19 – Big Trip – Day 50 – RV Problems

KOA Campground, West Yellowstone, Montana, Tachometer – 4836 miles

Towing our RV

Today was a wasted day. We planned on driving south to Jackson but the RV company said otherwise. A tow truck cam in to take our RV to the nearest garage, which was closest to the west side of Yellowstone. The tower had room for all of us so we transferred the kids’ safety chairs to the “red truck” and the kids got excited about this change. We drove slowly for about an hour and a half, with the driver serving as a tour guide of the park for us. He is a young 20 year old guy who came to work in Yellowstone for the summer. The girls fell asleep and Ron was busy drawing, so the drive went by fast.

At the garage we got off and walked two blocks to get some lunch. When we returned the mechanic told us that the car is fine. The problem is that the gasoline we use is not so good (we use the cheapest gas), and combined with the high altitude of the park (7000-8000 feet) caused the warning light to flash. However, a new problem came up. The tower, in order to tow the RV had to disconnect the transmission of the RV. When the garage wanted to reconnect, only 3 of the 4 screws were at hand. The tower said he saw only 3 when disconnecting. The mechanic said it is dangerous to drive off with only 3 screws. It is a special screw that has to be ordered from Ford. Talk about bad luck.

Luckily, he had an old Ford wreck in the back, and it had the same screw that our RV needed. Suddenly everything was right again.

We thanked the mechanic and drove 6 miles to this campground to salvage the rest of the afternoon. The kids spent 3 hours in the campground and spent up all their energy for the day. They were all asleep by 8:30pm. We did our weekly laundry here as well, so at least we accomplished something today.

Tomorrow we hope to finally reach Jackson, Wyoming.

Good Night,


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