2007 06 20 – Big Trip – Day 51 – Yellowstone to Jackson

Golden Eagle Motel, Jackson, Wyoming. Odometer – 4978 miles

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Boat ramp at Lewis Lake, Yellowstone National Park

Today was a driving day. We had to cover 140 miles to get from West Yellowstone to Jackson. Most of the way was through national parks. First Yellowstone, then Grand Teton. We will return to Teto in a few days, but after a week in Yellowstone we wanted to get to Jackson, which is supposed to be a very nice town.

Our drive through Yellowstone was pleasant with several traffic jams due to elk and bear sightings. By now we can tell according to the number of cars pulled over if it is just an elk or bison, or a bear. Bears get the most respect and tourist attention.

We stopped for lunch at Lewis Lake before heading out of Yellowstone and directly into Grand Teton National Park. I won’t steal the thunder from Grand Teton by describing it now, we will visit there in a few days. Let’s just say it was a gorgeous drive down to Jackson.

Jackson, commonly called Jackson Hole, is a mountain valley surrounded by mountains on all sides. Historically it was a rough town, but in the last few decades it has become a tourist town and a home for wealthy folk. We arrived in the afternoon and after getting some supplies at the supermarket, we check in to this motel. We wanted to stay right in the town center, so we took a motel for 2 nights.  This way we can walk 2 blocks and be right in the middle of things.

The day was very hot and when we left the room at 6:30 we were all wearing shorts and sweating. The town center is a around Town Square, a little park that has 4 arches as entrance gates at its corners. The arches are made of Elk antlers.

We were hungry so we walked into a nice restaurant called Cadillac Grille and had a very good dinner. I tasted Elk Medallions, which is like filet mignon. Very tasty. The kids liked it too. The nice thing about rich vacation towns is that they have good restaurants. We made reservations to another fine eatery for tomorrow evening.

Good night.


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