2007 06 21 – Big Trip – Day 52 – Jackson

Golden Eagle Motel, Jackson, Wyoming. Odometer – 4978 miles

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Waiting for a stagecoach, Town Square, Jackson, Wyoming

Today was a laid back city day. We started off by strolling the streets around town square, visiting art galleries and such. As a comedic relief for the kids, we took a 15 minute stagecoach ride around town. The kids liked it, even though sitting inside you can’t really see the 2 horses drawing the carriage, just here their footsteps and smell their manure.

We had a mildly successful brunch at Jedediah’s House of Sourdough, where both the pancakes and waffles we ordered were sour. We walked around some more but the heat was getting unbearable. Shir threw away her glasses at one point and by the time we discovered it, I had to run around half the town until I found them strewn in a parking lot.

It was getting very hot towards noon so we returned to the motel for a rest.

Unfortunately the kids did not want to nap, so they got to watch a DVD while Poala and I had a little siesta. For Paola it was very short, I pretended to sleep for another half hour.

Towards the afternoon, Paola went off for some quiet time back to town center and I tried my best to entertain the kids here in the motel room. An hour later I took them to the town square where we played a bit in the grass until Paola met us there.

At 6, we witnessed a Jackson tradition. Every afternoon at this hour, a bunch of actors from the local playhouse put up a staged gunfight/cabaret for all the tourists to enjoy right in the town square. Paola and I enjoyed it, but the kids got scared from the loud gunshots and were on the verge of crying. So we retreated before it was over. Ron later confided in me that he liked the lady dancers with the feathered hats, and not so much the outlaw cowboys who were shooting guns. We’ve got a lover not a fighter.

Luckily for us, our restaurant, the Snake River Grill was right next to all the action, so we walked up and got our table immediately. Today’s meal was even better than yesterday’s, and probably the best we have had since we began our voyage. This is a restaurant you can easily spend an evening in, eating each course nice and easy with a very wide selection of wine. Unfortunately, the children have a short span of attention and patience, and we were out of there, appetizers through desserts in less than 90 minutes. Too bad I had to rush through the food, it was really good. (Hamachi on green apple ceviche, sweet mini peppers stuffed with lamb sausage, potato pancake topped with sour cream and smoked salmon, Alaskan halibut, stuffed half chicken…)

We are back in the room now and the kids fell asleep rather quickly today. Tomorrow I plan to drive into Grand Teton for an early morning hike before we have to check out.

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