2007 06 26 – Big Trip – Day 57 – Getting to Glacier

KOA Campground, West Glacier, Montana. Odometer – 5718

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Flathead Lake, Montana

We are parked 2 miles outside of Glacier National Park. Today was the last of the boring drive days crossing through Montana to get here. In the morning I left Paola and the kids at the campground playground and took the RV to the repair shop. They fixed 4 out of the 6 problems and in just over one hour. The two remaining problems are not showstoppers – the generator sometimes hiccups, and the A/C doesn’t cool as much as it should.
After the repairs we dropped into Target and Old Navy for a bit of shopping before heading north on highway 93. We stopped for lunch at a nice viewpoint in Polson, overlooking Flathead Lake. From there, another two hours and we are almost at Glacier. We could have driven into the park, but preferred one last night with a full hookup and playground for the children before the next few days inside the park. The playground was a big success, although it didn’t tire the kids enough. They still took their time falling asleep tonight.

Goodnight, Tomorrow onto the Glaciers.


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  1. Gelles says:

    Hi there you Wingartens,

    It hase been a while since I visited your blog (must admit, it is harder to read on places we have not been to), and again I got this pain in the heart.
    I have just reached a decision, that next year we are back on the roads of the US in an RV!
    I forgot to tell you of a great Pzzaplace in Jackson but it seems you ate better…
    Another thing we forgot to tell you, and I am affraid it is really sad I remmember now (maybe I should have hold my words for ever) that is the NP passport (please say you have one!!!).
    This is apassport you buy at a visitor center and you stamp it in every park you visit. We bought ours in the last park we had been to and that is why I forgot to mention it. Whem we bought it the ranger said we could write the parks we had been to to send us stamps with the right dates and they will do so. I never did write…
    Keep having this extra fun. Are you familiar with the Takakao Falls in Yoho? It is the most frightening drive ever with the RV – talk to me before.
    Yuval & Cynthia

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