2007 07 31 – Big Trip – Day 92 – Victoria to Washington

KOA Campground, Port Angeles, Washington. Odometer – 8270

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Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Today was half Canada, half USA. We started off easy at the campground on the marina in Victoria’s West Bay. Laundry, phone calls, some playtime for the kids and we were already past noon. We drove into downtown and parked at the ferry terminal. After a last visit to the streets of Victoria we went back to the RV to have lunch and wait for a US customs inspection.

The ferry ride is 90 minutes, and it goes 17 miles in a straight line from Victoria to Port Angeles. The ride was smooth at first but in the second half there were decent sized swells that caused the ship to swing from side to side. We had to hold on to Shir and Orr so they won’t lose their balance and fall.

When we disembarked back in the US, a strange feeling of being back home took a hold of me. We drove a few miles to our campground for the evening, just to register. But Ron spotted the playground, so while he and the girls played there, I prepared supper. We ate and cleaned up fast and at 7 we drove into Olympic National Park.

We wanted to visit Hurricane Ridge, a nice overlook over 1400m high that lets the viewer, on a clear day like today, to see far in almost all directions. The drive up was beautiful and took almost 45 minutes through a winding mountain road.  When we got there it was almost 8pm. We did a little tour of the ridge and climbed up to Sunrise Point to see the Sunset. On the way we encountered several deer. Shir also spotted a chipmunk and exclaimed “Daddy Chippy, Chippy”. The kids are very familiar with Chippy the Chipmunk and Skippy the Squirrel.

We enjoyed a marvelous darkening of the skies and then proceeded to bathe the kids in the RV before driving back down the mountain. As we drove down the dark road the full moon rose up over one of the ridges. Paola swears it is the largest and orangest she has ever seen luna.

On the way back to the campground the children fell asleep. We stopped at Safeway for grocery and gas and got in after 11:30. It’s late and tomorrow we want to see more of the park.

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