2007 08 02 – Big Trip – Day 94 – Shir Gets a New Cast

KOA Seattle Southwest Campground, Kent, Washington. Odometer – 8655

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Shir's New Cast, Seattle Children's Hospital

A stressful morning and a pleasant afternoon.

We got up and hurriedly prepared to leave the campground. We had to get out by 9am to drive, through rush-hour into Seattle for Shir’s hospital appointment. Unfortunately, traffic was bad, the GPS guided me through the worst part of it, and when we finally got to the hospital, there was nowhere to park the RV. On top of that, Shir vomited when we were on the highway.

We parked in the emergency parking lot, quickly changed Shir, and ran to the orthopedic department. We got there 20 minutes late and were frowned upon for a minute until they realized we are from out of town, with an RV that couldn’t park, and we notified them twice by phone that we are running late.

From the moment the nurse took us in, the treatment was great. All of us were together in the treatment room. A TV was playing some cartoons that engrossed Shir and Ron, and Orr ran around smiling and opening drawers.

They took off Shir’s cast and then x-rayed her arm. The doctor decided that another 2 weeks would be better, so Shir got a new cast, but this time only elbow high (the first one almost reached her shoulder). The new cast is purple and Shir is happy with it.

After the hospital we drove into Redmond to visit the O’Haras, friends from work. We had a great lunch in their beautiful home, and I was almost convinced to come live in the Seattle area. The children played Lego and interacted with Baulder, the friendly family dog.

In the afternoon we drove to nearby Idlewood Park, a neighborhood park with a swimming lake, playground and picnic area. As soon as Ron saw it he exclaimed “Now this is a playground. I like it when the playground is so big”. Shir and Orr also know to say “blebalound” and it’s always fun to see their first few minutes in a new place, trying to get on all the activities, not knowing what to do first. As for Shir, she was back in action, enjoying the newfound freedom of bending her left elbow. She climbed and slid and ran and had a blast.

Since the children hardly napped, we wanted to end the day early. We had a quick supper in the RV and showered the kids and then drove to a famous milestone before heading back to the campground.

For all you Costco shoppers, we visited the first and original store, in Kirkland. Now you know why that’s the name of the Costco branded products.

Tomorrow we plan to spend time in Seattle. Good night,


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