2007 08 03 – Big Trip – Day 95 – Central Seattle

KOA Seattle Southwest Campground, Kent, Washington. Odometer – 8687

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Space Needle, Seattle

Shabbat Shalom.

Although the day started cloudy and a bit wet from overnight rain, it improved into a beautiful sunny day by the afternoon. We drove into town to Seattle Center, a compound bursting with fun activities for families. The most famous landmark there is the Seattle Needle, a 520 ft tower with views of the entire area. We did not go up.

After managing to park the RV in the lot next to the center, we proceeded directly to the Children’s museum, whose sole purpose is to encourage newborn to 10 year old children to discover through play and interaction. It was a great place for all three of the children. They played in an aquatic setting and a forest setting. They visited Japan and the Phillipines. They shopped and dined, and put out fires and recorded a hit single. All in this small but fun little museum. You gotta see the pictures…

Lunch was one floor above the museum, on tiny chairs and tables just right for toddlers. It was hard to tear the kids away from the museum and we returned immediately after eating. Orr fell asleep but Shir was so excited that she kept playing. In between, I stepped outside for a bit and saw the Blue Angels passing by. This is the Navy’s Aerobatic team and they were practicing for tomorrow when they perform aerial stunts in some festival here in town.

After the museum we stepped into the local amusement park to ride the merry go round. Ron got to choose 2 additional rides for himself and settled for the flying dumbo and the racecar.

We took a monorail train to downtown and walked to the famous Pike Place Market. A lot of weirdos on the street, even more than Manhattan. But the city itself is very clean and nice. The market is a famous institution here in part because of the fish thrower. One of the fish stores here has an interesting way of packaging the fish. The employees working behind the counter sing the order they get from customers, and the employee in front of the stall throws the fish back to them. A crowd of 30-50 people including us stands and watches in amusement.

We got to the market as most of the action was winding down, bit it was nice to see nonetheless. Paola commented that the vendors are much prettier than in Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv. True, many were pretty, young women.

After soaking outside in the sun for a bit, among families, weirdos, and a strange man with an opossum on his shoulder, we headed back towards the inner streets of the city. For all you caffeine addicts, we passed by the first Starbucks, opened in 1971. The logo was brown and bit more pornographic than the current one (see picture).

We had dinner in a nice Spanish Mediterranean restaurant called Andaluca. Orr was a bit tired and cranky, meaning she cried a lot, which caused us to try to finish the meal as fast as we could. There were some real treasures there, and the presentation was superb.

We walked back to the RV to wear off the Sangria and got the kids ready for bed in the parking lot. No back in the campground and signing off for tonight. Tomorrow we hit the road again. Good Night,


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