2007 08 04 – Big Trip – Day 96 – Mount Rainier National Park

Cougar Rock Campground, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington. Odometer – 8795

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Cougar Rock Campground, Mount Rainier National Park

We drove to Mount Rainier this morning, hoping the good weather would keep up. While it wasn’t raining, the cloudy skies impeded enjoying the park as much as we could. We arrived at noon and immediately drove to the campground, because we did not have a reservation and were afraid we would not have a site for the night.

When we got to the campground we found many available sites and chose a nice secluded one adjacent to the forest. We had lunch and then set off to the main tourist area of the park called Paradise. Unfortunately there is very limited parking there and we couldn’t park near the visitor center. We parked a few miles away, and feeling weary all 5 of us took a 2 hour nap.

We woke up at 4pm and the sky was still overcast. We couldn’t see Mount Rainier or any of the glaciers. We walked up a trail for a bit, but as it was mostly stairs, we turned around and got back into the RV. We drove around for a bit and then returned to the campground.

The kids watched a movie and then played around the site while I prepared a fire for dinner. We ate slowly and drank some wine and afterwards pulled up some chairs close to the fire. The kids ran around while Paola and I fed them cherries, and darkness and quiet fell upon us. We made sure that they wouldn’t get too close to the fire, and it seems that they understood not to approach.

It’s dark and quiet here, much more so than in any private campgrounds outside the national parks. This quiet also comes with a price – no hookups, no playgrounds, and usually no cell phone coverage. But once in a few days, this is a great way to spend a night.

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