2007 09 11 – Big Trip – Day 133 – Last Night in Fiji

Sheraton Fiji Resort, Denarau, Viti Levu Island, Fiji

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Hindu Temple, Nadi, Fiji

Our 3 week vacation in paradise is almost over. We spent the last 2 days at the Sheraton Resort with a short visit to downtown Nadi yesterday morning. The downtown is one street with many stores and shops, bustling, busy and hot. The main attraction for us lay at the start of the street, where we visited a Hindu temple.

Sri Siva Subrahmanya Swami Temple is a colorful and busy little temple serving the Indo-Fijians living in the area. We got an explanation from one of the holy-men on the different gods and their various incarnations. Ron was happy to spot Ganesh, the elephant headed idol, who is the god of good luck.

Back at the resort it was mostly swimming pool and meals. Our room is ocean facing with an exit to the beach, but the water is opaque and almost brown, the sand is very coarse and therefore we preferred the swimming pools. Ron is very confident in the pool, so long as his head is above the water. He uses a floater on each arm and can pretty much kick his way to any place he wants. Shir and Orr like to be independent as well, demanding I let go of them even when the water is twice as deep as they are high.

Today when the kids took a nap, I rented windsurfing equipment and challenged the wind to take me out to sea. It was fun and easy because the board I was using was the size of a canoe. Unfortunately the wind died on me at one point and I had to drag the board and sail for 15 minutes back to the shop.

Tomorrow we head to Sydney, Australia. As I am writing, Paola is finishing the last of our packing. We have to wake up at 3am to get to our 6:55 flight. I wish we were flying directly, but since we got a package deal with Air New Zealand, we have to fly through Auckland, NZ. Ouch.

Good night and Shana Tova,


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  1. yuval says:

    Hemi, you spent too much time in the sun, and do too much Hindu worship – I could hardly recognize it was you in the picture!….

    Keep up with the dream and Shana Tova to you all

    Cynthia & Yuval

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