2008 01 22 – Big Trip – Day 266 – Our Big Trip is Over

5 Countries, 266 Days, 31,000+ km driven

All good things must come to an end, and so has our Big Trip. New Zealand has been great, mostly when it wasn’t raining. In my opinion it was a great last chapter of our 9 month long journey. We completed 7500km here with the RV, which means on average more than 200km per day.

Here are some stats and facts spanning the entire trip:


– set out on the road on May 1, 2007

– were homeless for 9 months, or 38 weeks, or 266 days

– visited 5 countries – USA, Canada, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand.

– traveled by plane, RV, car, boat, catamaran, train, foot and stroller.

– drove over 31,000km, burning way too much fossil fuel.

– spent almost a third of our life on the road (Shir and Orr) and hope to maintain such a great ratio in the coming years.

– shot over 25,000 pictures , but deleted over 70% of them (Digital Rules!!!).

– learned firsthand about more animals, birds, fish, plant life, rainforests, geology than any 4 year old ever has (Ron).

– ran 10% over budget due to the dollar’s freefall and the high cost of living in Oceania.

– are thankful that our parents were able to join us for parts of the trip (Raquel and Alfredo in Australia, Abe and Rachel in New Zealand)

– climbed, swung and slid in over 200 different playgrounds, developing coordination, confidence, and a daily high.

– had one broken bone and 3 cases of flu (Shir had the cutest purple cast in all of Canada, and Paola got sick a few times when the weather fluctuations were too rapid)

– managed to maintain our sanity despite the unnatural state of being cooped all together 24/7 for 266 days (Hemi and Paola + 3)

– skipped winter this year, spending the last 5 months in the Southern Hemisphere

– visited over 50 National and State Parks.

– changed more than 1500 diapers and prepared over 300 liters of milk for the kids to drink.

Thanks for following our adventures from home and being there for us to return to…

Hemi Paola Ron Shir and Orr

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