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South America – Here I come

Tuesday, July 31st, 2001
Note: this is taken from emails sent in 2001. Hemi
Hi to all my friends,
Tonite I embark on my new adventure -
     74 days in the southern hemisphere.
I will be back after the Holidays in October.
I'll be careful if you will be too.
Paola will be in Israel til Sept 11, when she'll join me in Peru.
So if there is anything urgent - she may be contacted at our home -
My email address is
I will be checking it on a regular basis.
Please send only textual messages - no pictures or video clips.
Til Later,

South America Chronicles

Saturday, July 14th, 2001
Note: this is taken from emails sent in 2001. Hemi
> Hi to All my friends!
> In 2 weeks I depart for a long awaited adventure in the Southern
> hemisphere. 
> I will travel in Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador for 2.5 months.
> I leave Israel on Aug 1. Paola will join me in September.
> Since my regular hotmail account is full of crap and gets lots of junk
> mail, 
> i opened this new account especially for the trip:
>               xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> If you don't want to receive updates on my adventures in the Bolivian 
> Jungle, the peruvian mountains, or Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, write the 
> aforementioned address and you eill be omitted from the mailing list.
> If you want to keep in touch, please reply with textual mail only - NO 
> If anyone has any tips - call me in the next 2 weeks.
> A farewell party will be held shortly prior to my departure.
> Hasta luegu (see ya later)
> Hemi