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The Kids Playing

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Shir and Orr got new towels. Ron got a new PJ (thanks Ben and Karin). All got a playpen filled with plastic balls(thanks Lior Dana Gal Adi). Enjoy..

Happy Birthday Shir and Orr!

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

Today we celebrated with Shir and Orr. Birthday #1 is always so special…the baby is so very different than at birth, but still oblivious to the significance of the day. Orr seemed to enjoy all the attention. Both girls received great gifts from our friends who joined us for a birthday BBQ. We also prepared and watched a short video clip of the girls’ first few days last year, and it is amazing how tiny they were. Kudos to Paola who survived the first year with twins, from here it is a easy ride…(ha ha). To see the day’s pictures, click here.

Shir Sits

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Shir sat up today, unhelped. Bravo Shir!!!

Weekend in the Mount Shasta Area

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

We spent a 2nd consecutive weekend away from home, going up north to California’s less traveled nature attractions. The long drive was harder this week as the girls and Ron were a bit more challenging. On Saturday we were in the Mount Shasta area. Snowcapped Mount Shasta is over 14,000 ft high (4000m) and is a climber’s as well as skier’s haven. Aside from great mountain views, the entire area has many lakes and rivers with great water. We visited McCloud river and lake with some very nice waterfalls.

With us were 4 other families, with a minimum of 1 baby to each. You can imagine the logistics. All in all it went very smoothly, with a lot of time spent picnicking and making sure the kids are well fed and entertained. On day 2 we visited Burney falls, a bit out of the way, but nonetheless a beautiful sight. Ron completed a nice 1.2mile hike with steep up and downhills, building his skills as a hiker. Later that day we revisited Lassen park for the benefit of our friends and our enjoyment. This weekend we are staying at home…

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Lassen Volcanic National Park

Sunday, August 6th, 2006

We retuned a few hours ago from a great weekend up north, where there are no katyushas, only beautiful California nature. We spent 2 days exploring Lassen Volcanic National Park, situated about 4 hours drive north of San Francisco. We drove up on Friday night as the kids were sleeping in the car, and arrived in Redding, a sweaty town which serves as the base for nature exploration in the far North of California. With us came the Weisses. On Saturday morning we drove 45 minutes to Lassen and began the day with a nice 1.6mile hike around Lake Manzanita which Ron completed successfully without being carried even an inch of the way. Way to go Ron!!! Daddy carried Shir and Orr while Mommy took care of the backpack and the camera. After a nice lunch overlooking the lake, we drove to a campsite where Dana and Lior were going to spend the night. We set up camp and then Lior and I did a quick 4 mile hike to a dormant volcano called Cinder Cone. It was raining and we heard the rumble of thunder as we started the climb. Luckily when we got to the top it cleared up and we had a great photo session. When we returned to the campsite, Ron and Yoavi (1 year older) were playing together very nicely, which got both families to the conclusion that hikes and trips are always better when your little ones have someone of comparable age to hang out with. This reduced the number of nags, cries and temper outbursts dramatically for both families. After fumbling with wet wood, we managed to get a fire going and cook some meat on the grill. Towards dusk we said our goodbyes, leaving the Weisses to their tent and returning to out motel.

Today we continued to travel in the park, hiking briefly along Summit lake, before heading up to the highest roadside point in the park. This vista point overlooks Lake Helen, which is still partially frozen. Take a look at the great pictures of Ron tasting snow. After driving a bit more, the kids started to get restless and our lunch was set up in an impropmtu meadow near some sulfur steam vents (stinky). After that, we started the long drive back home, and unfortunately the kids did not appreciate the long commute. Lesson for us is to always do long haul drives after 7pm. All in all, this was a great weekend trip, for most of it the kids were terrific, and best of all is that next weekend we will be up north again…


Ron’s Swimming Lesson

Friday, August 4th, 2006

Ron is going to camp these days. Every day there is a swimming session which is great for building confidence in the water. The swimming instructor is doing a great job with Ron, as you can see below. Click on the picture to see more…


Ron Hemi and Eyal visit Point Reyes

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

On Sunday the boys left the girls at home and took a drive up to Point Reyes. We took a quick hike, 8 miles in and out through a nice forest trail to reach point arch. Ron enjoyed very much, mostly because he was in his stroller. The path was packed dirt and, with a little effort, stroller-able.


Teeth Status

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Shir is leading with 6 teeth, 4 on top, 2 at the bottom.

Orr with 3 teeth, all in the bottom.

Daddy has a toothache…