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Rainy Levuka

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Levuka, Ovalau island, Fiji

Got here 2 days ago.
Raining and windy.
Nice people.
Not doing much.

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Happy Birthday Orr and Shir

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Today our girls turned 2.
May every birthday in your future be in paradise like Fiji.

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Update: check out this picture

Happy 2 year birthday Orr and Shir

Fiji Life

Friday, August 24th, 2007

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We are settling into a slow paced life on the island of Tokiriki.
pool, beach, food, sleep.
Life is good…
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First night in Fiji

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Amunuca resort, Tokiriki Island, Aug 22, 2007 8pm

Beautiful island. Warm weather.
Posh resort.
We are tired from the long journey.
The kids are already sleeping and we are on the way too.
Good night,
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We arrived to Fiji

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Nadi airport 6am Aug 22 2005

Long flight
Kids were good
All luggage here
Going to catch a boat to another island
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2007 08 20 – Big Trip – Day 112 – Good Bye USA

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Homestead Suites, Foster City

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Yerba Buena Carousel, San Francisco

The past few days have come and gone like a whirlwind. We had so many things to do that we didn’t notice how fast time went by. And in less than 24 hours we will be on our way to Fiji…

This is a short list of what we did here. Doctors appointments and Dentist appointments. Shir got her cast off and is feeling great. Meet friends. unpack from the RV trip and repack for Fiji. Play with Uncle Benny. Pack some more for Australia and New Zealand. Meet more friends. Pack for Israel. Birthday party. Uncle Benny. One quiet night in San Francisco without the kids. Day visit to San Francisco with the kids. Emotional meeting with Veronica the nanny. More friends at Golden gate Park. uncle Benny. More packing. will it all fit? Will we be overweight?

We are all tired and a bit stressed from all the running around. Paola hopes the kids will be well behaved on the long flight to Fiji. We are all looking forward to some serious downtime on the islands. I can’t believe I am saying it, but after driving 10,000 miles and seeing half the US parks and Canada, I look forward to spending an entire week on an Island doing nothing.

Communication from Fiji will be intermittent at best, as the infrastructure there is not up to par yet. So don’t look for postings and hundreds of uploaded pictures every day. we’ll do our best to let you know what we are up to.

Good night,


Running Around

Monday, August 20th, 2007

In San Francisco, Today

Jumpin’ Around

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Shir and Orr at a hot Foster City Party

2007 08 15 – Big Trip – Day 107 – Back to Foster City

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Homestead Suites, Foster City, California. Odometer – 10097 miles

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Watching Teletubbies in our hotel room in Foster City


The first part of our adventure came to an end today. We returned our RV after 3 and a half months, and drove back to our “home” base in Foster City. A twitch of nostalgia for Paola and me, perhaps for Ron as well. (more…)

2007 08 14 – Big Trip – Day 106 – Back in the Bay Area

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Anthony Chabot Regional Park Campground, Oakland, California. Odometer – 10089 miles!

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Lat night in a campground, near Oakland California

It’s hard to believe that 3 and a half months have passed by so fast. Tonight is our last night in the RV and we are very close to our starting point, in a quiet secluded nature sanctuary just 5 miles from central Oakland. (more…)