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Thanksgiving in Palm Springs and Area

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

After a brief respite from blogging, we are happy to inform you that we are happy for thanksgiving. thanks for giving us 4 days (+2 more) vacation in Palm Springs. Thanks to united airlines for their frequent flyer bonus miles which got us down there free. thanks for Benny who helped us schlep the kids and bags. thanks for the hotel room which was on the ground floor and had enough room to accommodate us all. and thank goodness we didn’t eat turkey (we had a nice Italian dinner at Tony’s, a guy who was supposed to appear on the Sopranos TV show).

We had a relaxing time, sort-of, as best as you can with 3 small kids. Shir was a bit sick in the first few days, so we took it easy. On the last few days, Orr was a little sick, so we kept taking it easy. We visited Joshua Tree National Park, which was a real treat. It is a pretty funky tree. Actually there are lots of them. See the photo gallery. We also visited an Aerial tram right near our hotel, which goes up from 800m to 2500m in 10 minutes. Another fun thing to do was shopping in an outlet on a rainy day. (ok not so much fun). we also visited a stinky man-made lake called Salton Sea, which gets saltier and stinkier every year. Ron kept asking to take the bad smell out of his nose.

We took many pictures. Be sure to view the 2nd page of the photo gallery as well.